Mike Adenuga Foundation

The Mike Adenuga Foundation is a private non- profit Pan African organization, founded by Nigeria business tycoon Mike Adenuga, who is the Chairman of Globacom (Global Communication) and the chairman of Conoil.

The organization with a vision to contribute to a better and more equitable future for Nigerians and other Africans. This we intend to achieve by creating or supporting initiatives that deliver Enployment, infrastructure, resources, knowledge and skills for impactful socioeconomic development through improvements in education, health and enterprise collaborating with nonprofits including non-Governmental organizations and other public and private institutions working in the specific areas of interests of the foundation.

Main Focus of the Organisation

  1. To Create Employment for Nigeria and other African countries.
  2. Improving educational opportunities.
  3. Creating collaborations between non-profit organisations and government bodies.
  4. Developing social and economic growth.
  5. Stimulating innovation.
  6. Building knowledge and skills.
  7. Stimulating innovation.
  8. Creating collaborations between non-profit organisations and government bodies
  9. Facilitating commerce
  10. Improving living conditions
  11. Managing resources
  12. Improving basic infrastructure


We are currently recruiting 500 graduates into our organisation, applicant can be within or outside Nigeria. This is part of the Organization 2019 budget to provide job for 10,000 Nigerians and other Africans before the end of the year. Read more….